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CFD Project
Describe your specific CFD Project to be investigated by assigned MR-CFD experts.
Your CFD project would be simulated and trained with the highest quality and a reasonable cost in the shortest time possible with our most reliable specialists, based on Official Contracts.
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Online Training
Benefit from dedicated online training sessions for every CFD fields in any expertise level you are. MR-CFD's assigned expert will connect to your PC remotely, and assist you in designing geometries, meshing, and solving your CFD simulation problems.
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Learning Products
The CFD-SHOP is a wealthy marketplace with more than 1000 CFD products where you can find every required product related to your CFD projects. Every product in CFD-SHOP includes Geometry, Mesh, and a comprehensive Training video that helps you learn all aspect of your CFD simulation.
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Academy includes some practical courses for engineers who want to be certificated CFD experts.
Each course includes many sessions containing many projects that train you, like an experienced teacher, to improve your expertise in your favorite CFD field significantly.
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Popular Training Packages

Coronavirus CFD Simulation Training Package, 10 Pr...

This CFD training package is prepared for BEGINNERINTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED users of ANSYS Fluent software who are interested in the Coronavirus subject, including 10 practical exercises. You will learn and obtain comprehensive training on how to simulate projects. The achieved knowledge will enable you to choose the most appropriate modeling approaches and methods for applications and CFD simulations.

Acoustic CFD Simulation Training Package, ANSYS Fl...

This CFD training package is prepared for BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED users of ANSYS Fluent software in the ACOUSTIC area, including 10 practical exercises.

Heat Transfer CFD Training Package for Intermediat...

This CFD training package is prepared for intermediate users of Ansys Fluent software in the heat transfer area.